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About // Outdoor Collective is a ventured lifestyle brand that is dedicated to the pursuit of adventures in the nature. We believe that life is a continued process of exploration and self-discovery, much like the journey of exploring the outdoors.

High-quality outdoor gears are just something we deliver along this journey to connect the explorer to the surroundings. We mean business when we say that every person on this planet deserve to immerse in nature with ease, peace of mind and content.

Our journey of exploration involves sourcing, creating and innovating gears that we are truly passionate about, so that hopefully you can share the same passion when you take our gears onto the next venture in the outdoors.

Born in 2015 in the beautiful British Columbia of west coast Canada, the founders of Outdoor Collective were brought together through scenic hikes and camp trips. It is our common love for nature that has helped our brand grow into what it is today. Our goal together now is to connect you in nature, with those you truly care about, while building memories that will last a lifetime.




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